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    September 13–22, 2016 — New York


    Your next big step in fashion business!

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What is Fashion Innovation Camp?

FICNY is your immersion into the world of fashion: lectures, backstages, meetings, business cases and New York Fashion Week atmosphere in the world’s capital of fashion innovation. It is a 10-day experience of fashion discoveries and inspiration.


Not only will you be able to ask questions and get answers from the most credible players of fashion business, but also get to know the best representatives of the industry to boost your business development in the future.

Best Case Practices

You’ll be able to learn from the best business practices in the world delivered to you by the most experienced people in New York fashion business, who will share years of their fashion experience in a set of very effective sessions.


You’ll meet people from fashion to share your ideas and inspiration with. Drive and creative atmosphere of New York will totally make you re-evaluate your own business and the role you play in it.

For newbees

that dream of success in fashion business, but don't yet know how to

For professionals

in the fashion world who know exactly what kind of secrets they want to get revealed by guru

For business owners

and management who are ready to re-boot or improve their business model

For fashion ambassadors

who preach fashion as a lifestyle and the way of universe organization

What’s the Agenda?

Camp programme is an opportunity to learn and understand fashion business is organized and see the backstage of fashion industry. You will meet with representatives of retailers, glossy magazines, top fashion brands, emerging designers, universities and promising fashion startups of New York.


days in New York fashion world


tour participants and supporters


meetings with fashion business representatives


hours of networking with the major players of fashion industry


Mono-brand Showrooms

During New York Fashion Week buyers from all over the world come to the city to watch the fashion shows and order latest collections for their stores. At FICNY we’ll be able to come to the best brand showrooms with the most famous names on their doors like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Phillip Lim, etc., talk to their owners and administration, in order to learn how the process of selling/buying is conducted.


Yoox Group

The largest online retailer in the world, based in Italy, also has an office in the “Big Apple”. This is one of those places that controls most of the online fashion retail, as the group has acquired many successful projects around the world, and the rest are getting ready to be purchased by the giant.


5th Avenue

This street is known throughout the world, and today is probably one of the most desired places to go shopping. On the 5th ave we will find shops of all the most famous brands and experience all the latest trends in sales of luxury goods: the best service, best products, the majestic design, modern technology, and of course, shopping.


Council of Fashion Designers of America

Under the leadership of the President Diane von Furstenberg, along with dozens of leading American designers (Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and more than 400 others) Council of Fashion Designers of America has become an incubator, an investment fund and the production line. Having been a non-profit organization since 1963, CFDA is engaged in the development of fashion industry in the United States.



Scott Schuman (The Satorialist), began his career with the photos of beautifully dressed people on the streets of NYC, and now has in his own portfolio of projects with Style.com, Saks Fifth Avenue, Vogue, Carl Lagerfeld and others. Brandon Stanton gathered more than 12 million followers on his page and the Marc Jacobs’ «the BB ostrich bag» was named after Bryanboy. How to become a successful blogger and what kind of job is that if you the whole world reads you?


The NY Fashion Tech Lab

Accelerator, which is engaged in the development and investment in projects that combines fashion, technology and retail. This is the exact place where you can find out what pioneers of the fashion world look for and what kind of technologies there are waiting for us in the nearest future.

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Multi-brand Showrooms

Many designers throughout the world who are destined to be great and famous , haven’t yet got their own showrooms and boutiques, but are already selling their collections around the world. How do they do it? They are assisted by professional multi-brand showrooms, which we will visit. It is there that we’ll be able to see the collections of those who will take the pedistal in fashion world in the future.


Net-A-Porter Group

Net-A-Porter business plan, written in October of 1999: «Net-a-Porter is a virtual boutique, designed in the style of a fashion magazine and offering the client what he always wanted — access to the goods that they see on the pages of glossy magazines. The formula for Net-a-Porter’s success  is enclosed in conjunction of website and the visual impact of the beloved “magazine-catalogue” – everything that women love.»



Soho is the former industrial district, which mostly consisted of textile factories in XIX century. Up until the mid 80’s it hosted art galleries. Back then Soho has become a place of pilgrimage for the artistic bohemia of New York, and industrial warehouses have been remodelled into residential apartments.



From 1924 to 2009 has been the biggest mall in the world. It’s a must-visit place for  shopping fans. We’ll try the personal shopper service and learn what their marketing strategy is.


Fashion Institute of Technology & Parsons College

A unique education for those who want to try building a business in the fashion industry. Modern technology, communication, management, and design do not complete the list of specialties with the unique training program for students from around the world.


Parties and Restaurants

New York never sleeps! Especially during the fashion week. Every night, as we do in all of our tours, we will offer participants a choice of activities, restaurants and meetings. Divided into groups of interest, everyone will be able to go and see the city as they want it to be.


Garment District

Also known as the Fashion Center and Fashion District, Garment District is the space of 2.6 square kilometers of showrooms that accommodates most the most outstanding brands, shops and galleries. We’ll have a fascinating tour with a full immersion in the history of the place and visit the most interesting of its attractions.



Barneys New York is an American chain of shops selling fashion apparel. The company’s network includes 35 stores across the United States. In the late 2004, Jones Apparel Group announced that it has made the ransom of the New York department store Barneys New York. Purchase cost the company around 397.3 million USD. The company is also one of the most successful examples of online market penetration. We’ll have a chance to learn more about this success story.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.39.37 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is a repeated nominee of Guinness Book of Records for growth, speed, and volume of sales. Status of luxury department store is still relevant: only designer collections and luxury brands: Chloe, Acne, Ann Demeulemeester, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and hundreds of others.


Opening Ceremony

An example of one of the most successful youth brands. Founded in 2002, it has gained popularity around the world and continues to expand. We will try to find out what the secret of their success is and get inspired by an amazing story of a rising star.


Publishing houses and magazines

Vogue, Elle, Runway, … – they have always been going hand in hand with the fashion world and have become its inalienable part. There is a new internet era out there. What will fashion magazines do? How do they work now? Offices in the skyscrapers of Manhattan, The Devil Wears Prada, gloss and glamour — what’s true and what’s fiction? Let’s find out!


Fashion Startups

Many NYC startups are creating projects that will change the ecosystem of all fashion industry participants. New technologies, ideas, materials, services, data collection and analysis, innovative approaches and more. We’ll get to know some of them and ask about how they see the industry today and in the future.


Each day of the tour will on average consist of 3 meetings and 1 evening event. The following example is not the finalized program and is a subject to change, provided the number and the quality of all the sessions remain the same.

Day 0. Sunday

  • 17:00-20:00 Intro to NY Fashion

    Introduction to fashion world of New York.

Day 1. Monday

  • 10:00-11:00 Michael Kors

    Corporate office visit, talking to marketing people.

  • 12:00–13:00 Wednesday Agency

    Meeting in Wednesday Creative Agency.

  • 15:00–16:00 Gin Lane

    Meeting with a platform for brand promotion — Gin Lane.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 2. Tuesday

  • 10:00-11:00 Net-a-Porter

    Corporate office visit.

  • 12:00–13:00 Saks Fifth Avenue

    Meeting with company representatives.

  • 15:00–16:00 Macy's

    Meeting with company’s representatives, talking about success of Macy’s.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 3. Wednesday

  • 17:00–18:00 Merchandising Workshop

    Learning the basics of successful merchandising.

  • 10:00-11:00 Event-Agency (TBA)

    Talking about how to conduct a successful fashion event.

  • 12:00–13:00 KCD Marketing and Production Agency

    Meeting in the agency of premium fashion marketing.

  • 15:00–16:00 Perch Interactive

    Meeting Perch Interactive startup.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 4. Wednesday

  • 10:00-11:00 Pantone

    Corporate office visit.

  • 12:00–13:00 Trendalytics

    Meeting Trendalytics startup — platform for fashion business analysis.

  • 15:00–16:00 IDEO

    Talking about design thinking.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 5. Friday

  • 10:00-11:00 Polyvore

    Meeting with Polyvore representatives.

  • 14:00–18:00 Meeting Fashion Bloggers

    Meeting Scott Schuman (Santorist), Bryanboy, Ari Seth Cohen

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 6. Saturday

  • 10:00–11:00 Fashion Institute of Technology

    University tour.

  • 13:00-14:00 Parsons School of Design

    Design school tour.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 7. Sunday

  • 12:00-18:00 Showrooms Tour

    Showrooms and fashion districts of New York business-wise.

Day 8. Monday

  • 10:00-11:00 NY Fashion Tech Lab

    A place where fashion, retail and technology intersect.

  • 14:00–18:00 Free People

    Meeting Free People fashion brand.

  • 17:00–18:00 mystylit.com

    Meeting mystylit.com startup.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

Day 9. Tuesday

  • 10:00–11:00 Condé Nast

    Office tour at Condé Nast.

  • 15:00–16:00 VOGUE

    Office tour at VOGUE.

  • 17:00-18:00 Indiegogo

    Crowdfunding fashion at Indiegogo office.

  • 19:00– Evening event

    Every night we will visit the best party, educational and fashion events of New York City.

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  • «I enjoyed Innovation Camp very much! It's the tourism of the future! In such cities as San Francisco it's much more important to get it's special mindset, than to appreciate history or architecture. Along with a great group of people, not only did we glimpsed the past of this awesome place, but also learnt how the future will look like. We heard the success stories of very different people, saw the most innovative ways of getting job done, and immersed into the atmosphere of those who create our future today»

    – Dmitriy Zavgorodniy, head of ecommerce, Helen Marlen Group

  • «First of all Innovation Camp programme is not about lectures, but about deep immersion into the life of San Francisco and the Valley, it's about networking and a plenty of new experiences. It's not the story about how to learn something specific, but about getting a broader outlook and a handful of new ideas»

    – Aleksey Amyotov, founder of Look At Media

  • «Many thanks to the guys for a great trip to San Francisco. From figuring out my goals to the trip back home, everything was A+ organized. The schedule was effectively planned that made it possible to conduct more than 20 meetings in just 6 days and visit many corporate offices. All my goals were accomplished. P.S. I hope to be back to San Francisco soon»

    – Sergey Ponomarenko, founder of Ingenius Systems


As a member of Fashion Innovation Camp you can order a fashion campaign shooting of your apparel collection or an individual photo set New-York-Street-Fashion style!

Irina Safronova, photographer: “For me photography is the art and the way to show how I see the world and its beauty. I live and breathe with photography. This is an infinite creativity, love, individuality, psychological peculiarities of a person and a brand.”

Pricing   Register

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Video Shooting

Fashion Innovation Camp gives its members the opportunity to order a professional video shooting of fashion campaign, or just themselves. You will get a 1.5-minute professionally edited fashion movie!

Dmitry Barin, director-filmmaker: “My main goal is to convey depth and philosophy of the product by means of sound and movement. Each product, whether it be clothing, food, or a minor detail, has a soul. It was created endowed with shape, color and thought. I open this essence, show off this product to the world. I give the viewer a feeling of possession. This is the main purpose of my work!”

Pricing   Register

Personal shopper

You can order shopping, accompanied by a personal stylist. Your personal stylist will develop a personalized shopping itinerary based on your budget and taste preferences, reveal “secret” shops and boutiques of New York, select your unique image that accentuates your personality and beauty.

Yulia Melikhova, personal stylist: coach at First Impression image school, the author of seminars on style and beauty, organizer of shopping tours to New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, Berlin.

Pricing   Register

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Here’s our team at work!


We put a lot of affort to make ticket prices attractive. Right on the first day of camp you will understand that it is totally worth it!

$ 2000 September 13-22
10 days
  • + Access to the tour program
  • + Guide and escort
$ 1500 Campaign or personal shooting
Video Shooting
  • + Up to 1.5-minute video
  • + Working with 1 person
  • + Montage and color correction
  • Additional services: composer | action-video elements | special FX
$ 700 Style and Wardrobe Selection
Personal Shopper
  • + 4 hours spent with personal stylist/shopper
  • + Specially planned shopping itinerary
$ 1000 Campaign or personal shooting
  • + 3 hours of shooting
  • + Light
  • + Makeup artist
  • + One model or a stylist
  • + 15 photos professionally retouched
$ 2250 Campaign or personal
Photo + Video
  • The price includes all components of Photosession and Video Shooting.
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Our Team

Last year we implemented dozens of projects together and apart, and hope that Fashion Innovation Camp will be one of the most successful. If you have any questions, you may just drop a line on Facebook directly to any of us.


Tamara Tanatarova

Marketer and brand developer with 15 years of experience. Engaged in the development of such brands as ELEGANZZA, LABBRA, ALLORA, Binatone, Vitek, Rubin, etc.


Dmitriy Zavgorodniy

Was a head of ecommerce at Helen Marlen Group. Engaged in marketing at Posh Online Retail Management. Co-founder of Suggesters Solutions.


Viktoria Belyakova

Сo-founder of The Lab communications laboratory, curator for Digital panel of Sliver Mercury festival, launched more than 20 educational programs in Moscow, Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York.


Viktor Gurskyi

Social entrepreneur, co-founder of civic-tech NGO SocialBoost, which is engaged in the development of open data and socially valuable startups in Ukraine.

Reporting from San Francisco

We’ve organized San Francisco and Valley tours three time now. For our participants these trips became the most innovative vacations in their lives.  Just have a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for Fashion Innovation Camp?

Just fill in the form and you are good to go. We’ll call you from Kyiv or Moscow to figure out all the details after. We’ll have to set up a meeting, sign the papers, and get the payment for the tour any time that’s good for you. Only after we receive the payment your registration is considered complete.

How's accomodation handled?

We’ll rent a corporate accommodation either in a form of a house or loft space, where all the participants are welcome to stay for an extra fee. Nevertheless, depending on the number of participants we may recommend different types of accommodation. You may also live separately coming to all the meetings in the agenda.

How to pay?

You may pay using any suitable payment method: cash, bank transfer, etc. Though you should account that the payment is only possible after signing the papers.

How much will the accommodation cost?

The exact accommodation cost will be couted after the group is complete, though we may approximately estimate the 14-day stay in New York for about 1500-2000 USD.

What's included in the tour price?

The 1500-2000 USD tour price includes participation in all the program sessions, meetings, networking events and New York guide and escort. Tickets for optional  NYFW events, accommodation, food, flight and transfers are paid separately.

Plans changed, is there a moneyback guarantee?

In case you change your plans and inform us at least 1 month in advance of the tour, we’ll be able to refund 100% of the money paid. If you have to cancel later, we’ll return 50% only.

Fill in the form — register!

We promise to call you back in the next 24 hours to figure out the details and make up a meeting appointment.

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