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    November 8–14, 2016 — San Francisco


    Learn how Silicon Valley works!

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Innovation Camp — new ways to develop your business

Business program for business owners, startups, marketers, creators, strategists, every one who is in charge of decision-making in their business and lives, who wants to look into the future and anticipate trends. Our agenda along with San Francisco’s amazing atmosphere will let you get to know people you need, see new opportunities to expand business abroad, and inspire to create the very idea that will totally change your project, business, even life.

Useful Contacts and Networking

The trip is base on an active networking with campus participants and guests. Whether it is a business breakfast or a meeting in the startup incubator, when asking the right questions, you’ll be able to get information useful for your business only in an informal friendly format.

Business Case Practices

We will have an in-depth look into tens of business cases, so that you get the most complete image about how ecosystem in the Valley functions, including business, investment, startup, corporate, funds, etc.

New Opportunities for Your Business

Every day you’ll be meeting new people, generate new ideas, discover new opportunities. You’ll be able to see how your business is going to evolve in 5-10-15 years. Contacts that you get within the trip will serve as a catalyst for the development of your business across the whole world.


You will immerse into the atmosphere of endless action, new beginnings and the future, art, street culture, nightly parties and bike rides along the Golden Gate bridge. All of the above will help you get to know the city from the inside, understand its essence in terms of business and the most outstanding projects, encourage you to act, reload your mind and inspire for new ideas.

What’s in the Program?

In 7 days you will immerse into the business environment of startups, investments, digital and advertising agencies, funds and corporations of the Valley. We will focus on such trends as Future of Education, Shared Economy, Wearables, Smart Home and IoT, Crowdfunding, Big Data, Design Thinking; visit the best incubators and corporations, meet the most outstanding startups.


days in the hi-tech capital of the word


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meetings with businesses


hours with key players on the market


Corporate Offices

Campuses Google and Facebook in the number of employees may well claim the title of small towns. As such, they essentially are. These are the closed ecosystems with their own restaurants, swimming pools, transport, gardens, parks, entertainment, recreational, sports, work and communications systems. We’ll learn how to operate and develop such ecosystems, and why young programmers would kill for this job.


Funds and Investors

One of the main purposes of the Valley trip is to get comprehensive understanding of how a startup-investor ecosystem works. One or more funds, whether it would be Sequoia Capital or Google Ventures, will talk about how and where the venture capital money is distributed, and what you need to do to get a piece of it.


Business Breakfasts

Some days we’ll start off with a breakfast with guests. In an informal atmosphere people from such companies and startups as PayPal, Petcube, Flextronics, Facebook or Mashable will share the secrets and tricks of their job, and make sure to leave you with a business card.



We will get to know the best Valley startups, learn how to build a small startup team, just starting out, and experienced teams, managed to close more than just a single round of investment, such as Pebble, Square, Evernote or Dropbox. Anyway, you will get the most complete image of how to build your startup from 50,000 in investment to IPO.


Accelerators and Incubators

500 startups, Tumml incubator will talk about the principles of selection and development of startups, tell about investment benchmarks, profitability and success. We’ll find out what trends are gaining momentum, and which markets are already saturated, in which areas to invest with the greatest hunting and what kind of startups are left out and why.



One of the world’s best universities – Stanford – is close to San Francisco. We will organize a tour around its campus, listen to its stories, learn about the potential of free and paid training programs and scholarships, touch the walls in which the best people of the modern high-tech world grew up as professionals.



Getting to know such giants as R/GA, AKQA and Pereira & O’Dell will help you understand how to create innovative products, how to promote them, how creative teams work. At the same time such small agencies like Odysseus Arms and Cog1will talk about the latest trends in startup promotion game.


Networking Events

Each day will end with a party, networking event or just a get-together of people with common interests. We will select only the best themed events. We will get to the gatherings of product designers, wearable geeks, startups, people involved in Bitcoins, agile, investments, and many others.

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Art and Culture

Cultural events and street culture, modern art galleries, exhibitions and festivals complete the atmosphere that we will immerse into over the weekend.

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  • «I enjoyed Innovation Camp very much! It's the tourism of the future! In such cities as San Francisco it's much more important to get it's special mindset, than to appreciate history or architecture. Along with a great group of people, not only did we glimpsed the past of this awesome place, but also learnt how the future will look like. We heard the success stories of very different people, saw the most innovative ways of getting job done, and immersed into the atmosphere of those who create our future today»

    – Dmitriy Zavgorodniy, head of ecommerce, Helen Marlen Group

  • «First of all Innovation Camp programme is not about lectures, but about deep immersion into the life of San Francisco and the Valley, it's about networking and a plenty of new experiences. It's not the story about how to learn something specific, but about getting a broader outlook and a handful of new ideas»

    – Aleksey Amyotov, founder of Look At Media

  • «Many thanks to the guys for a great trip to San Francisco. From figuring out my goals to the trip back home, everything was A+ organized. The schedule was effectively planned that made it possible to conduct more than 20 meetings in just 6 days and visit many corporate offices. All my goals were accomplished. P.S. I hope to be back to San Francisco soon»

    – Sergey Ponomarenko, founder of Ingenius Systems


$ 2500 before october 15
7 days
  • + Access to the program
  • + Tour escort
$ 3500 after October 16
7 days
  • + Access to the program
  • + Tour escort

3 tickets $1000 each!

Tell us your unique startup or business story and one of three discounted tickets could be yours. The price includes access to the tour program and local guide and escort. To take part, email your stories to i@innovationcamp.us marked «Going Valley!»


Extra options

$ 1000 for startups, with tour
Startup Booster
  • + Extra 2 personalized days
  • + Getting to know the art of a pitch with pro coaches
  • + Pitching for the Valley investors
$ 2000 for startups, w/o tour
Startup Booster
  • + 2 personalized days
  • + Getting to know the art of a pitch with pro coaches
  • + Pitching for the Valley investors
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Our Team

Last year we implemented dozens of projects together and apart, and hope that we’ll get better and better. If you have any questions, you may just drop a line on Facebook directly to any of us.


Viktoria Belyakova

Сo-founder of The Lab communications laboratory, curator for Digital panel of Sliver Mercury festival, launched more than 20 educational programs in Moscow, Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York.


Oksa Zavoyko

Life coach, partner at Prodigi Digital Agency. Internet entrepreneur with a 13 years of experience in building brands and marketing startups in Ukraine, Russia and CIS region.


Viktor Gurskyi

Social entrepreneur, co-founder of civic-tech NGO SocialBoost, which is engaged in the development of open data and socially valuable startups in Ukraine.

Reporting from San Francisco

We’ve organized San Francisco and Valley tours three time now. For our participants these trips became the most innovative vacations in their lives.  Just have a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for Fashion Innovation Camp?

Just fill in the form and you are good to go. We’ll call you from Kyiv or Moscow to figure out all the details after. We’ll have to set up a meeting, sign the papers, and get the payment for the tour any time good for you. Only after we receive the payment your registration is considered complete.

How's accomodation handled?

We’ll rent a corporate accommodation either in a form of a house or loft space, where all the participants are welcome to stay for an extra fee. Nevertheless, depending on the number of participants we may recommend different types of accommodation. You may also live separately coming to all the meetings in the agenda.

How to pay?

You may pay using any suitable payment method: cash, bank transfer, etc. Though you should account that the payment is only possible after signing the papers.

How much will the accommodation cost?

The exact accommodation cost will be couted after the group is complete, though we may approximately estimate the 7-day stay in San Francisco for about 700-1000 USD.

What's included in the tour price?

The tour price includes participation in all the program sessions, meetings, networking events and San Francisco and the Valley guide and escort. Tickets for optional events, accommodation, food, flight and transfers are paid separately.

Plans changed, is there a moneyback guarantee?

In case you change your plans and inform us at least 1 month in advance of the tour, we’ll be able to refund 100% of the money paid. If you have to cancel later, we’ll return 50% only.

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We promise to call you back within 24 hours to figure out the details and make up a meeting appointment.

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