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Why do participants come on a business trip to San Francisco, California (Silicon Valley)? Tour report.
People go on business trips for a variety of reasons, and it depends on their professional and personal goals. Here are some main reasons:

  • 1
    Doing business and business meetings:
    Business tours and business missions can be organized to meet partners, clients, suppliers or colleagues from other countries. A personal meeting allows you to discuss important issues, conclude deals, establish relationships and strengthen business connections.
  • 2
    Attending conferences and seminars:
    Many professional events, conferences and seminars are held in different countries. Participation in such events allows you to update your knowledge, learn about the latest trends in the industry and exchange experiences with colleagues.
  • 3
    Exploring new markets:
    Companies send employees or founders go on business tours to explore new markets and opportunities to expand their business. This may include research into demand, competitors and potential partners.
  • 4
    Develop personal skills:
    Business tours can help develop your personal and professional skills, such as communication skills, project management, problem-solving and adaptation to new cultural contexts.
  • 5
    Promotion of products and services:
    Travel may be associated with the promotion of products and services in the international market. This includes participation in exhibitions, product presentations and marketing events.
  • 6
    Searching for Investors and Funding:
    Entrepreneurs and startups can go on business tours to search for investors and sources of funding.
  • 7
    Conclusion of long-term partnerships:
    Business tours can serve the purpose of concluding long-term strategic partnerships with foreign companies.
  • 8
    Adopting experience and inspiration, expanding business networking.
Overall, business tours help participants broaden their horizons, improve their professional capabilities and grow their business in an international context.

Our participants often go to our programs to learn from the experience, methods and approaches of the best companies and integrate them into their business processes, thereby taking a leading position in their region and identifying points of growth and scaling.

The founders from Kazakhstan came to us on a business trip to Silicon Valley precisely for this purpose.

To help them choose a strategy and tools for developing their e-commerce business, we prepared a program in which they not only visited the offices of large companies but also conducted mentor sessions, workshops and lectures with successful business owners in the USA.

  • During the tour, participants visited companies such as: Zappos, Intel, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, and Amazon. The Stanford University campus and available training programs inspired them.
  • Co-Founder of a company with a million-dollar turnover MaryRuth helped to analyze the business. Mentor and sales specialist Adrian Rivodeaux conducted a workshop on organizing sales within the company.
  • The Amazon manager helped find market demand. And thanks to our sessions and workshop, the founders developed their mission and company values.

  • In conclusion, Anastasia Totok, member of the board of directors, head of the Leadership and Organizational Management Committee of the UN Association in San Francisco, held a session on identifying blocks and strengthening soft skills for the company's founders.
A pleasant end to the program was a networking event on a yacht, where participants were able to enjoy the views of San Francisco and establish friendly connections with Silicon Valley experts.

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