Business tours around the globe

San Francisco and Silicon Valley, New York, and Seoul
What are business tours Innovation Camp?
Business tour is a set of meetings, events, corporate office visits, meeting agencies, incubators that best reflect the essence of the business ecosystem of the region, town or country, where the tour is held. We call it Innovation Camp. Only with Innovation Camp you can learn how Google in Silicon Valley, SoundCloud in Berlin, and Macy's in New York work.

We select only best cities in the world business-wise, organize meetings with the leaders of the industry and give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the business, investment, design, fashion, and start-up environment. Innovation Camp is a catalyst for the development of your business, because only the best business people will be sharing their experience with you.

Whilst meeting with the CEO's, business owners or employees of companies, you will be able to expand and develop your contact network, which is sure to help you develop business in the future.
Best Case Practices

We choose the best companies in our tours. We meet with the business elite, who not only will be able to share their experiences and talk about their unprecedented business practices, but also answer all of your questions.
Valuable Recreation and Inspiration
The team of like-minded people to accompany you during the tour. Not only will you be able to share and cultivate your ideas, experiences and inspiration during the meetings, but also usefully your free time together.
Innovation Camp Tours
Check out and register for the tours planned. Though remember that there quite a few that we are developing right now. So, stay tuned!
Our team
We have long been in education and technological start-ups, have launched and sold several successful businesses, and now we live in California
Viktoriya Belyakova
Founder of the Innovation Camp. In the past, the managing director of the IKRA (the first school of digital communications in Russia), the curator of the Digital panel of Silver Mercury festival. Participated in the launch and organization of more than 30 educational programs on advertising, business, fashion, innovations in Moscow, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco.

Igor Lyubimov
Partner at Innovation Camp, previously – Founder and Product Manager at, Founder of, ThinkBigger Shop and web design Studio 2B, worked in Lingualeo.

First of all Innovation Camp programme is not about lectures, but about deep immersion into the life of San Francisco and the Valley, it's about networking and a plenty of new experiences. It's not the story about how to learn something specific, but about getting a broader outlook and a handful of new ideas
Co Founder, Look At Media
I enjoyed Innovation Camp very much! It's the tourism of the future! In such cities as San Francisco it's much more important to get it's special mindset, than to appreciate history or architecture. Along with a great group of people, not only did we glimpsed the past of this awesome place, but also learnt how the future will look like. We heard the success stories of very different people, saw the most innovative ways of getting job done, and immersed into the atmosphere of those who create our future today
Head of ecommerce, Helen Marlen Group
Many thanks to the guys for a great trip to San Francisco. From figuring out my goals to the trip back home, everything was A+ organized. The schedule was effectively planned that made it possible to conduct more than 20 meetings in just 6 days and visit many corporate offices. All my goals were accomplished.
P.S. I hope to be back to San Francisco soon
CEO at BuyTheWhale
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