Insider business tour
into most valued companies
in the world
Educational tour to Silicon Valley and San Francisco

16-24 June 2018
Visit the largest companies in Silicon Valley
Tour to Silicon Valley — your opportunity to find a new ideas for your business!

Innovation Camp is a week-long tour to the specifics of the business environment in San Francisco, designed to acquaint participants with the ecosystem of the Silicon Valley.

Meetings with investors and startups, tours to the offices of major corporations, meetups and lectures.
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You should go on tour, if you want
To meet with Airbnb, Apple, Google and Facebook
and find out how they work, what happens in the office, and how to get hired by them
Solve the problems of your business with the help of technologies
Employees and owners of local companies will tell their stories and discuss business in Silicon Valley
Find fresh ideas or start a startup
Silicon Valley is the best place on the planet to test your idea and find mentors
To have the right contacts
You will meet local startups, developers, designers, lawyers, marketers – that is, your possible partners or colleagues.
Who will benefit from the tour?
Opportunity to get acquainted with Silicon Valley infrastructure, find mentors and partners to bring the product to the US market.
Business owners
Find new business models and technologies that help to develop business partners, to be inspired by the world's largest companies.
Top Managers
Learn how to manage your team and product from Apple, Google, Airbnb and other companies and startups.

2 days on


crypto conference
Tour program
16-24 June 2018
8 days
in Silicon Valley
and San Francisco
15 participants
of the tour
20+ meetings
with technology businesses
30 hours
of communications with employees and owners of local companies
Our team
We have long been in education and technology startups, launched and sold several successful businesses, and now live in California

The Founder Of The Innovation Camp. In the past managing Director of IKRA (the first school of digital communications in Russia), curator of Digital panel of the festival of advertising and marketing Silver mercury 2014-2015. Participated in the launch and organization of more than 30 programs on the topics of advertising, business, fashion, innovation in Moscow, Barcelona, Amsterdam, new York and San Francisco

Internet entrepreneur, partner at Innovation Camp, founder of,, Think Bigger Shop and 2B Studios, worked as product Manager at Lingualeo
Oksana Zavoyko

Founder at Aware Mind Lab, COM at AURA. Founder and CEO of digital Agency PRODIGI
Reviews from our guests
Leave a preliminary request
and we will call you back and tell you all the details
Where will we live?
All our guests will be staying in hotels of 4* and above.
Who usually goes to your tours?
Usually small and medium-sized business owners and top managers of large companies come to us. All our guests have a high income and are looking for ways to develop themselves and their businesses.
Why is it so cheap?
We try to optimize all the expenses in the tour, getting group discounts from hotels and transfer rental, we do not take money for the organization of your flight. Most of the program of each round is repeated regularly, so here we save on the organization.
Why is it so expensive?
Let's start with the fact that we do not consider their tours expensive. Organization of such a tour on their own in the first place is not possible, if you do not live here, and secondly it will still be more expensive. No matter how hard we try to save you money, the cost of the tour is still high – San Francisco is the most expensive city to live in the United States, and most of the cost of the tour goes to the hotel. Plus payment for transfers, speakers, organizational costs.
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