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Investment Tour in Silicon Valley

dates of the next tour:
7 — 13 april 2019

Investment Tour in Silicon Valley Innovation Camp is a week-long intensive program aimed at educating new and existing investors in a number of areas.

a number of areas

  • 1
    Secrets of the US business venture. What they don't talk about in textbooks
    Investing in startups at an early stage. Transactions for business angels and venture funds, project selection, syndication, risk analysis, legal and financial schemes
  • 2
    New technologies
  • 3
    Accelerators, Incubators
  • 4
    Investment Property Transactions in the USA
    Investing in high-yield alternative instruments

what else?

7 days
Within this block, there are reports of representatives of venture funds with a capital of $ 10 million to $ 1 billion, discussion, and case study. Speakers - fund managers

more 20 meets
You can independently come to the Valley and for months to seek meetings with these guys. But we fit a maximum of 2 weeks. During the week we will visit the main accelerators, investment funds and investment companies
insides from top investors
Investors are not only venture.
You talk with people who have invested in Google and Dropbox, earned on Facebook IPO, bought all bitcoins, bankrupt cryptobirds, and at the same time survived.
You will be able to ask them questions and learn more details from first-hand transactions.

what is in the program?

  • 1
    Overview lectures / talks on all types of investment from practitioners
  • 2
    Meetings with venture funds, accelerator, angel syndicates
  • 3
    Meetings with successful startups funded in Silicon Valley
  • 4
    Encounter Accelerator Meetings

  • 5
    Meetings with experts and leaders in new technologies
  • 6
    Incorporation in the USA: investor visas, company opening, bank accounts, passing KYC / AML procedures

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3 important values that you will receive from a trip

Silicon Valley is a magical place with a special atmosphere. But this program is not just a motivational tour. Here are tools for solving real problems.
the coloss network
America is a country of recommendations. About this in the last century, wrote Ilf and Petrov. And indeed it is. Those acquaintances and connections that you get for a short time in the Valley, we have accumulated over the years. We will introduce you to the community of entrepreneurs and investors who are ready to share not only their own success stories, but stories of failures. What is sometimes more important and useful, but very few people speak out loud about them. You will be able to establish direct contacts with top investors in the world.
intensive investor cource
We have compiled a course in such a way that you have the maximum idea of investing in the United States. We focus on investments in young companies, but practitioners from different areas will also tell about the features of real estate transactions, the structuring of complex transactions and pitfalls.
you will receive first-hand information about life and business in the US
Visa regime, naturalization options, the process of creating a company, taxes, bookkeeping - all this becomes especially relevant in an era of unstable political situation. All the pitfalls and risks - first hand.
who is audience?

Top managers of companies wishing to invest in technology start-ups in their field

Early stage venture funds, State-owned fund managers

Private investors and who are ready to invest in world-class projects

Corporations - the development of areas of innovation and corporate venture funds

сompanies we will meet
Plug and Play Tech Ventures
500 Startups
Boot Camp
Y Combinator

funds and investors
GVA Capital
Scale Up Ventures
Mind Rock
Meson Capital
Elysium VC
Launchpad (Google)
Garage Ventures
Venture University
Almaz Capital
Lumia Capital
Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Learn Capital
TNT Investments
Flint Capital
Icon Ventures
Enter Capital
Lux Capital
Fin Sight
Draper University

tour program

dates: 07 - 13 April 2019
Day 1
Day 1
Part 1.
Introductory Venture Financing Course
Within the framework of this block, there are reports of representatives of venture funds with capital from $ 10 million to $ 1 billion, discussion, and case study. Speakers - fund managers

  1. Silicon Valley Performance Review: Venture Market Participants and Operating
  2. Principles Basic strategies for making money in the venture capital market
  3. Search and selection of projects, access to "hot" deals
  4. Strategy for the creation and management of investment portfolio
  5. Major risks and problems for the investor
  6. The life cycle of a company and its financing, stages
  7. Practice
  8. Networking

      Part 2.
      Registration of transactions
      1. Registration of transactions
      2. Individual net worth.
      3. The procedure for passing the application. Due diligence
      4. The notion of structuring a transaction
      5. Creating a company growth financing scheme
      6. Investment terms
      7. Concepts: Term Sheet, Convertible Note, SAFE, Shareholders Agreement
      8. Owner's share blur, Types of stock
      9. Options. Vesting. Anti-dilution. Liquidation Preferences, Pro rata rights
      10. Incorporation: USA / Offshore
      11. Practice
      12. Networking

      Signing a memorandum of cooperation with the funds you like most
      Day 2
      Day 2
      Part 1.
      Company valuation and exit strategies
      1. Methods of company valuation: NPV, DCF, Multiples
      2. Methods for estimating return on investment: IRR, NPV
      3. Accounting for intellectual property
      4. Exit strategies, share sales
      5. International investment
      6. Practice
      7. Networking
      Part 2.
      The work of the venture fund. Work with a portfolio
      1. Operational activities, reporting, corporate governance
      2. General Partners, Venture Partners
      3. Making investment decisions
      4. Meetings with funds
      5. Practice
      6. Networking
      Day 3
      Day 3
      Part 1.
      Startup Creation
        1. Visiting Accelerators and Hubs
        2. Studying the ecosystem
        3. Plug and Play Tech Ventures
        4. 500 startups
        5. Alchemist
        6. Boot camp
        7. Y combinator
      Part 2.
      Meetings with successful startups who have received investments in the Valley.
      Answers on questions
      1. Problem search
      2. Market valuation
      3. Product development
      4. Team Evaluation
      5. Marketing
      6. Lean startup, Customer development, hypothesis testing
      7. Startup metrics
      8. Practice
      9. Networking
      Day 4
      Day 4
      Part 1.
      New technologies
      1. Intro to Vr & AR
      2. Intro to AI
      3. Green technology
      4. Internet of things
      5. Meetings with successful startups who have received investments in the Valley
      Day 5
      Day 5
      Part 1.
      Life and business in the USA
      1. Visa regime, naturalization options
      2. Creating a company
      3. Taxes, bookkeeping
      4. Risks, fraud schemes
      5. ***. Investing in US Real Estate
      6. How to buy a house worth $ 5M for only $ 500k
      7. Development business
      8. Lending in the USA
      9. Overview of other potentially profitable investment targets
      Day 6
      Day 6
      Startup pitch session, meeting with local investors, BBQ

      The opportunity to conclude a contract with the ones you like.
      Additional options on request
      Sightseeing part:
      - City tour (bus + foot) - 3-4 hours on average.
      - Shopping without sellers and Amazon GO cashier's (can be included in the city tour)
      - Buy coffee at the robot (can be included in the tour of the city)
      - Lunch at a restaurant without waiters Eatsa (can be included in the tour of the city)
      - Exploratorium
      - Computer History Museum
      - Intel Museum
      - Museum NASA
      - Autodesk Gallery Tour
      - Visit offices of Google, FaceBook, Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, Cisco, Sales Force (on request and in advance)
      - Meeting with an advertising agency, (included in the top of the world) that creates additional products to promote AKQA
      - Comcast office visit and open talk. Link here
      - Selection of events that will be held in the city on these dates according to the interests of participants

      -Visit of Tesla, (to be agreed)
      Headquarters Tesla, Fremont CA
      - Autodesk company visit
      Autodesk Innovation Center, San Francisco, CA
      - Meeting with top management
      Center for Breakthrough Building Technologies, including 3D printing. Technology Discussion
      - Meeting Kamran Elahian - Founder of Global Catalyst Partners, GVA Partner
      One of the leading global leaders in education and innovation, helped translate 6,400 schools worldwide into digital education.

      - UBER
      Discussion of projects in the field of smart transport

      Let us know your task and we will select a company and a speaker.
      The program is made together with our partners from the Valley.
      • Pavel Cherkashin
        Venture investor, managing partner of the GVA fund, founder of the Hack Temple in San Francisco
        We will visit the Hack Temple - the space in San Francisco for mitaps and business events, which previously served as the Catholic Church.

        Pavel Cherkashin bought the dilapidated building of an abandoned church and turned it into a place of attraction for techies and entrepreneurs from all over the Bay Area.
      • Kamran Elahian
        Founder, Global Catalyst Partners, GVA Partner
        During his business, Elahian founded 10 companies, the total market value of six of which exceeded $ 8 billion.

        Elahian is a co-founder of GlobalCatalyst Partners with American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Israeli capital. The foundation of the foundation's work is Elahian's deep conviction that modern digital and communication technologies can unite countries and peoples.
      • Greg Mauro
        Founder and director of Learn Capital, the world's largest investment fund for education
        Greg Mauro simultaneously combines 4 positions, including being the head of the board of directors of the Bridge International Academy, managing partner of Revolution, as well as the founder and CEO of Cel-Fi by Nextivity.

        Greg served as vice president of business development at Entropic, where he led strategic investments. Currently, Entropic (ENTR) includes Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast and DIRECTV as investors, and Entropic technology creates home video networks for everyone.

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      want to start investing in the US market?

      As part of the tour, investors will have the opportunity to create their own syndicate, jointly consider projects and make a decision on investment.

      As part of the tour you will be able to:
      • Learn how to invest in startups
      • Meet and enter into angelic syndicates
      • Find suitable for investment companies
      • Learn to bypass the main pitfalls, avoid the most common mistakes.
      tour cost
      Sign up now!
      Firstly, it is profitable, because for the "early birds" - the best conditions! Secondly, a visa in the United States takes time. We want to do this 2 weeks before the program starts.